Brass, Woodwinds, and Percussion

Rules and Performance-Day Tips

*Performers should not repeat repertoire from year-to-year
* Performers are not allowed to change their scheduled time and/or adjudicator; please be sure to make scheduling requests when registering
* No recorded accompaniment is allowed, participants are to provide their own accompanist
* Musical selection not to exceed five-minute performance time; do not play any repeats Adjudicators have the option of stopping a performance if the time limit is exceeded
* Best dress recommended
* Memorization of performance piece recommended
* No food or drink allowed in performance venue
* Arrive 15-20 minutes before scheduled time to check in, get instrument ready, and warm up (please limit time in the warm-up room to 10 minutes)
* Be courteous to all performers by speaking quietly in the hallways and outside performance rooms
* Be to your assigned performance room a few minutes before your scheduled time, instrument in hand, accompanist with you (where applicable), ready to go in
* Bring music for the adjudicator with numbered bars; photocopies are not acceptable
* Stands are provided
* Adjudication forms will be provided at the performance venue.
* Family is welcome in the performance room (space permitting)
* Recording/photography of the performance ONLY is allowed * Announce your name, age, and the name of the piece before playing
* Accompanists can leave as soon as they play if accompanying another participant

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