Mark Gubler

Mark Gubler


Mark’s musical journey began in St. George, Utah at the young age of 5. His early studies were guided by the loving Charnell Manson who brought out the love he has for music. At age 13 his talent and outstanding musicianship became manifest as he studied with Dr. Lynn Dean of St. George. Under Dr. Dean’s mentorship he won many performance awards, including the honor of performing in the Roy L. Halversen Young Artist Concert with the “Orchestra of Southern Utah” (2006), and “South West Symphony’s” Salute to Youth (2007). In recent years Mark has received notable teaching awards including the USU Youth Conservatory Teacher of the Year award (2014), and the Edward McCallson Memorial Award (2015). Mark earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy at Utah State University in the Spring of 2015. He is the currently studying in the Graduate Program in Piano Performance and Pedagogy at USU, and currently has the honor of studying with world renowned piano pedagogue, Professor Gary Amano.

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