Robert Reimer

Robert Reimer

Vocals & Choir

Mr. Reimer grew up in the Seattle, Washington area and graduated from Auburn High School.  He married Julene Sullivan (Saint George, Utah) in 1990 and received a bachelor’s degree from BYU in 1993 with a major in Math Education and a minor in Computer Science Teaching.  He started teaching math classes at Dixie High in 1993.  Mr. Reimer graduated from SUU with a Master’s Degree in Education 1998 and an ESL certification.  In 2002, Mr. Reimer took a sabbatical from Dixie High and certified in Choral and Vocal Music Education at Dixie State College.  He taught the choirs at Snow Canyon Middle School (2 years) and Snow Canyon High School (7 years) and moved to Pine View High School in 2010 following Norman Lister’s retirement.  Mr. Reimer also teaches as an adjunct instructor in the math department at Dixie State University.

While Mr. Reimer has been at PVHS, the choirs have continued to excel, receiving consistently superior ratings at region and state festivals as well as the NAU Jazz / Madrigal Festival, an invitation to perform at the 2013 UMEA mid-winter conference, and was invited to perform for the Utah Superintendent’s Conference in 2013.

Mr. Reimer served at Pine View and Snow Canyon as the Fine Arts Department Chair and a member of the Leadership Team.  He has served as a committee member for the Southern Utah Performing Arts Festival.  Mr. Reimer served as the Region 9 Music Co-Chair from 2007 to 2015.  Mr. Reimer directs Lieto Voices!, a community select choir.  He is a member of the Utah State Choral Committee and was appointed, in January 2015, as the Utah Music Educators Association (UMEA) Choral Vice-President.

Mr. Reimer’s current teaching assignment includes Concert Choir, Ladies Choir (Les Chanteurs), Men’s Choir, Chamber Choir (Trilogy), Introduction to Music Theory, AP Music Theory, Handbell Choir, Fine Arts Study Lab, Concurrent Enrollment Precalculus, Statistics and College Prep Math.  He also teaches Statistics and Applied Calculus at Dixie State University as an adjunct instructor.  He and his wife have five daughters.

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