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The Exchange Club of St. George Foundation is a full fledged 501c3. All of the funds we raise go to support very specific programs and SUPAF is just one of them. We support local graduating High School Seniors though our Student of the Month program and have provided students with almost $500,000 in scholarships over the last 10 years. We also run the St. George Mayors Walk, the Iron Kids Fun Run and we contributed $120,000 to help make the St. George All Abilities Park a reality. Our primary mission as a Nationwide Service Club is the Prevention of Child Abuse so almost everything we do is centered around the lives of our next generation. These are just a few of the projects and missions we are involved in and SUPAF is our Gem here in Southern Utah; our new goal is to raise tens of thousands of dollars to provide even better opportunities for our amazingly gifted and talented students who are pursuing the performing arts. Your donation today will go directly to the SUPAF program and specifically enable us to provide significant scholarships to improve the lives of those who keep our Performing Arts Community vibrant and exciting.

On behalf of the Exchange Club of St. George and Southern Utah we thank you for taking the time and making a contribution to this great cause!

Contribute To SUPAF!

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