Registration Rules & Regulations


  1. Check the website for registration deadlines.
  2. Registration can be done online through or the mail.
  3. All mail entries must include the following:
    1. The Entry Form.
    2. The Entry Fee.  Check or cash will be accepted.

Place all items in one envelope and mail to:
Southern Utah Performing Arts Festival
P.O. Box 1111
St. George, UT  84771


Entry Rules

  1. Pianos will be available for accompanists.  No recorded accompaniment will be allowed.
  2. An individual performer is permitted to make only one entry in each category with the exception of the individual performing in a duet, trio, quartet, or other ensemble.
  3. Performers are not allowed to change their scheduled time and/or adjudicator.
  4. All soloists and small groups are limited to one selection not to exceed 5 minutes.  Bands and Orchestras are allowed three selections not to exceed 25 minutes, and choirs are allowed three selections not to exceed 20 minutes. Do not play any repeats.  Adjudicators have the option of stopping a performance if the time limit is exceeded.
  5. Music for all selections being performed must be given to the adjudicator at the time of performance.  Failure to do so allows the adjudicator to refuse your performance.  Music given to the adjudicator should have numbered bars, beginning with the first complete bar.  Photo copies are not acceptable.  The adjudicator has the right to refuse a performance if photo copies are provided.
  6. Solos and Ensembles- please arrive 15 minutes early.  Large groups- please arrive 30 minutes early as bus and school schedules permit.  We cannot wait for late performers.
  7. It is in the soloist’s best interest to perform their selection memorized, but it is not required.
  8. SUPAF will not be responsible for conflicts that involve an accompanist that has numerous performers to accompany or performers who are in different categories.
  9. Performers should not repeat repertoire from year to year.  Large groups are encouraged to not repeat repertoire for at least three years.
  10. Adjudication forms will be provided at the performance venue.  Performers do not have to bring their own form.

 Performance Attendance

  1. For the safety of the students involved, parents, teachers, and invited family members will be the only ones allowed in performance venues during solo and small ensemble performances. (The number of allowed audience members may also depend on the size of the performance venue)
  2. No food is allowed inside performance venues even if it is still in the wrapper.
  3. Photography is only allowed during a student’s performance.  No photography is allowed outside of the performance duration.  Photography of any kind during the adjudicator’s comments will not be allowed.  Families should take pictures outside of the performance venue.
  4. Be courteous to all performers by refraining from talking during the performance/adjudication process.
  5. Donors will be allowed to observe performance activities if they dress in professional attire and wear a tag clearly visible provided by SUPAF.  They should not take notes because this could cause stress to the student.
  6. Donors must contribute to SUPAF the current year of attendance.

 General Information

  1. SUPAF will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.  When at the venues, please keep all valuables with you.  If you are on stage or warming up, have a designated person watch over your belongings.
  2. Follow all rules when at SUPAF venues.  Do not enter performance halls while a performance is in session.  It is rude and can alter a performance.  Please be courteous to the volunteers who guard doors and tables.  They are there to help so please listen to what they ask of you.  This is especially important in large group events.  Teachers, please instruct your students on these points.

 Judging and Awards

  1. One qualified judge will listen and evaluate the performer based on the criteria listed on the adjudication form.
  2. All performances will receive a Certificate of Participation and an adjudication form filled out by the judge with comments geared to encourage students to become better performers by learning their strengths and weaknesses. The judge will give students Roman numeral ratings that are defined as follows: I- Superior, II- Excellent, III- Good, IV- Fair, V- Poor.
  3. Adjudication forms should be picked up after the performance.  SUPAF will not be responsible for holding forms not picked up by the performer.
  4. A small number of students and groups, who show outstanding ability and work ethic, will be chosen by the judge to receive scholarships.  Solo and Ensemble recipients will also receive a Certificate of Achievement and Large Groups will receive plaques.   Those who are chosen to receive scholarships will be acknowledged at the Awards Ceremony which will be held at the conclusion of the festival.
  5. A small number of the scholarship recipients will be chosen by the judges to perform at the Awards Ceremony.  Those chosen are not chosen because they are the best, but rather to showcase the wonderful talent in the area.
  6. As a reminder, SUPAF is not set up to be a competition of talent, but rather an educational experience that can enhance the talents of all who participate.  The scholarship program was developed as a way to motivate students to reach higher.

Please relay any questions or concerns to the director.  You can contact us at

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