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What is SUPAF?

The Southern Utah Performing Arts Festival (SUPAF) provides an opportunity for students up to age 18, individually or in small or large groups, to perform for a professional adjudicator in the following categories:

       – Piano                            – Strings       

       – Choir and Vocals          – Dance  

       – Brass & Woodwinds      

Adjudicators give verbal and written feedback and rate the performance. Scholarship recipients are selected to further their studies in the performing arts.

Although awards are given, SUPAF is not intended primarily as a competition, but is an opportunity for participants to perform, receive professional coaching, improve their talents, be recognized for their accomplishments, and be encouraged to pursue the arts.

The St. George Exchange Club has sponsored SUPAF — its number one community project — from its inception in 1987. The National Exchange Club is the largest and oldest exclusively national service club in the nation. It involves men and women from various segments of the community who join together voluntarily to promote Americanism, Community Service, Youth Recognition and Development, and the Prevention of Child Abuse 


POB 1111 St George UT 84771       2supaf@gmail.com