February 11-13, 2020
Crimson Cliffs HS

Tuesday: Intermediate School
Wednesday: Middle School
Thursday: High School

Choir Rules and Performance-Day Tips

* Choirs should not repeat repertoire for at least three years

* No recorded accompaniment is allowed–choirs are to provide their own accompanist

* Schedule will be posted on the website one to two weeks prior to Performance Day

* Choirs are allowed up to three selections, not to exceed 20 minutes (adjudicators can stop a performance if the time is exceeded) 

* Bring music for the adjudicator with numbered bars; no photocopies

* Adjudication forms will be provided at the performance venue

* No food or drink allowed in performance venue

* Arrive 20-30 minutes before scheduled time to check in and warm up

* Be courteous to all performers by speaking quietly in the hallways and outside performance rooms and not entering/exiting performance rooms when performance is in session

* Be backstage five minutes before your scheduled time

* Recording/photography of the PERFORMANCE ONLY is allowed–photography of any kind during the adjudicator’s comments is not allowed

"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of our souls"


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