February 21-22, 2023

Pine View High School

Rules and Performance-Day Tips

* No repeat of repertoire for at least three years

* Group members can be from different grade levels from within the school

* Schedule will be posted on the website 1-2 weeks prior to Event

* Adjudication forms will be provided at the performance venue

* No food or drink allowed in performance venue

* Arrive 15-20 minutes before scheduled time to check in

* Be backstage five minutes before your scheduled time

* Speak quietly in hallways and outside performance rooms and do not enter/exit when performance is in session

* Recording/photography of the PERFORMANCE ONLY is allowed


* Monologue either from a published piece or original work or poetry

* MUST be memorized

* Costumes permitted but not required; props can be used

* Simple table and chairs if necessary, provided by the performer

* Performance time 4-6 minutes, introduction included


* 2-4 group members

* Accompaniment must be provided either live or recorded

* Costumes, props, and set pieces are the responsibility of the group

* Performance time is 5-7 minutes, including the introduction but not set up

* Any dialogue before the singing will be part of the performance time


* 3-5 members per group

* Can be memorized, but scripts MUST be held

* 5-7 minutes in length, including the introduction

* Limited movement

* Suggestions of a costume will be permitted

"All the world's a stage, and most of us are desperately unrehearsed."
-Sean O'Casey


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